AM presenter Lloyd Burr reveals he was in a children's dance group like The Wiggles

AM presenter Lloyd Burr has stunned co-host Melissa Chan-Green with an off-the-cuff confession on Thursday while talking to the Purple Wiggle.

Burr was interviewing John Pearce ahead of the group's New Zealand tour in September when he revealed he "was in the New Zealand Wiggles".

When he was 9-years-old, he was in a group called Alphabet Soup, and he was a "Soupster", he said.

"I went and auditioned to become a Soupster," said Burr.

"We used to sing a lot of songs like 'how to brush your teeth' and we used to have a dinosaur and do the jumpy jive."

Burr then serenaded his co-hosts with one of the songs, before saying he didn't believe there was any footage around of his time with the band.

Watch the AM interview above.