AM co-host Lloyd Burr says he believes Bigfoot is real

AM co-host Lloyd Burr says he believes Bigfoot is real, however he isn't sure about the Fjordland moose or Loch Ness Monster. 

Speaking on Friday's show after seeing footage that purportedly showed the creature walking through hills in Colorado, Burr revealed he was a "big believer of Bigfoot" - but was quick to note he wasn't "a conspiracy theorist". 

When pressed by co-host Laura Tupou and newsreader Amanda Gillies over his beliefs, Burr explained that he used to believe in the Loch Ness Monster, until he spent hours watching the lake in Scotland to no avail. 

"I tend to believe them because I am a big believer of Bigfoot - but Bigfoot is marching through the tussocks there," he said. 

"No, hang on a second we played this like a week ago," Gillies said. "It was not Bigfoot a week ago." 

"Yes, it's Bigfoot now, they think it is. Why wouldn't it have been Bigfoot a week ago? 

"Did you call it Sasquatch? 'Cos it's the same thing," he excitedly explained. 

When told by Gillies "it could be someone in a suit who's having a bit of a laugh," Burr explained his fascination with these stories, but acknowledged it could seem a little crazy. 

"I think I do actually believe in Bigfoot which is ridiculous because I'm not a conspiracy theorist. Do I believe in the Loch Ness Monster? I did until I went up there and sat looking at the lake for hours and hours and hours. Do I believe in Fjordland moose, I don't know.

"Why would someone be in a suit like that walking through the tussocks watching a train going through?" he asked. 

"To give you hope Lloyd," Gillies laughed. 

Watch the video above.