Jack Black raves about Auckland restaurant scene, talks 'incredible' dining experience

Kung Fu Panda star Jack Black says Auckland has "some of the best restaurants" he has ever been to.

The actor and musician, who is in New Zealand filming the Minecraft movie with Jason Momoa and Jennifer Coolidge, told Newshub he has been thoroughly enjoying the city's food scene.

Black said he had also been enjoying the City of Sails as a whole with its "wonderful people".

"I've had some great times in Auckland with Jason Momoa [at] some of the best restaurants I've ever been to," he said.

"I don't know if I should blow them up but I'm gonna say: There was this one Japanese restaurant I went to, a Yakitori restaurant, called The Cave.

"Dude that was so good, deliciousness on a stick. And the ambience, with the Japanese lanterns. And then we also went to an incredible sushi restaurant - Jason knows the town."

Black also revealed he has been enjoying outdoor pursuits as well.

"I like to throw frisbee and there's a great park - I'm not going to tell you about because I don't want people to show up in my sweet, sweet secret park."

"I like hiking around. I took an amazing hike all the way up a mountain top, I think it was called Eden. I see why they call it that as it was quite heavenly.

"I got up to the top and I saw a gorgeous view of the whole city and the ocean."

Black said he would like New Zealand citizenship after his time in Auckland as well as previously spending time in Wellington filming Sir Peter Jackson's King Kong.