Hollywood star Jack Black discusses Kung Fu Panda, filming in New Zealand

Hollywood star Jack Black is based in New Zealand right now shooting the new Minecraft movie

But he took time out of his busy schedule to surprise an Auckland cinema full of Kung Fu Panda fans on Sunday.

It was a simple Sunday afternoon movie - families arriving for a screening of the brand-new Kung Fu Panda.

Little did they know Jack Black was high-kicking his way up the escalator - the Dragon Warrior himself on hand to introduce his new Po adventure personally.

Po, Jack Black, they are one and the same - Black clambering over seats on a mission to find as many little wannabe Kiwi Dragon Warriors as he could muster.

Black has been ska-dooshing the Kung Fu Panda joy to millions of fans across the globe for nigh on two decades.

He's based in New Zealand filming the Minecraft movie with his mate Jason Momoa.

Today he spent his day off with the fans young and quite a little bit older, visiting the Newshub studio for a couch cosy-up and chinwag.

Watch the video for his interview with Newshub Entertainment Editor Kate Rodger.