MAFS AU: Groom told to 'pull his finger out' and sleep with wife by her father

Married at First Sight Australia groom Timothy Smith has been told to "pull his finger out" and have sex with his wife Lucinda Light by his father-in-law to kick off Family and Friends week on the show.

Smith met Light's parents Michael and Susan and appeared blindsided by comments over the lack of intimacy in their relationship.

The couple had been bickering prior to meeting the relatives and friends, but things got more strained during the meeting when Smith's comments made Light cry in front of her dad.

"While I've been here today I've heard him talk about how he's pissed off and blah blah blah... c'mon Timothy, we've heard that. It's time to move on. He's a bit repetitive and a bit boring," Michael said in a chat with producers.

However, when Michael caught up with Smith he did not hold back, telling him: "You need to not get ya tits in a tangle and pull ya finger out."

"We'd love to see a little more action on your behalf. Could be a one-night stand, could be anything. But just try it," he said.

"Great advice for a father to give a potential son-in-law," Michael laughed before the two of them raised their glasses to each other and Lucinda.

"The chat with Michael has made me realise that I've been a bit of a dickhead," Timothy said.

"Lucinda deserves more and I need to let go of the anger and just move on."

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