New Zealand reggae band Katchafire issues warning to fans after social media pages hacked by scammer

Katchafire has taken time out of its Hawaiian tour to warn fans about being misled by advertisements promoted by its hacked social media platforms.

It comes after the company that manages the band's accounts told Newshub a wider member of the group's crew was duped by someone posing as a podcaster.

Searches in Meta's ad library show Katchafire's Facebook page appears to be promoting products such as weight loss gummies.

In fact, the material is actually being pushed by online hackers.

"Kia ora, it's the Logie from the band Katchafire, just a quick message to our fans to stay vigilant online," the lead vocalist said in a pre-recorded statement provided to Newshub.

"If these scams happen to us, they can happen to anyone. Stay safe gang, bless."

Collab Digital managing director Brent Ireland said the scam occurred when one of Katchafire's crew members was duped by someone posing as a podcaster.

"Someone posing as a podcaster has actually reached out to one of the band's support members and unwittingly what they've actually done is given access to the business asset management tool that owns all of the Katchafire social media," he said.

"In doing that, what they've actually done is then removed everyone who actually needed access. So, yeah, look, it's in the hands of the scammers."

The estimated 100 hours had been spent hours trying to get a resolution through Facebook's owner, Meta, to no avail.

"We actually had an email from Meta to say, 'hey, look, we've solved the problem, we're going to close the case if we don't hear anything within 48 hours'," Ireland said.

"We actually sent them a screenshot because - no - the problem wasn't actually solved at all, and to date we still haven't heard anything from that reply."

The band feared its brand could suffer, Ireland said.

"The reputational damage and the risk associated with that at the moment is huge. Obviously, it's Katchafire's voice but it's not them doing the talking," Ireland said.

Newshub has approached Meta for comment but has not received a response.