Baby Reindeer: Second Scottish comedian says they've been hounded by 'Martha'

A second Scottish comedian claims she has been hounded by the real life person that inspired the terrifying stalker 'Martha' in Netflix hit show Baby Reindeer.

The drama, which was written by comic Richard Gadd, follows a character named Donny who meets a woman called Martha who becomes obsessed with him and begins stalking him.

In the show, it's claimed she had sent him more than 41,000 emails, 744 tweets, 100 pages of letters and 350 hours of voicemails.  

Now fellow Scottish comedian Janey Godley - who famously held up rude placards during a Donald Trump visit to Scotland in 2018 - has claimed she too has been "stalked" by Fiona Harvey, the real-life Martha, according to UK website Metro.

Sharing a clip on X (formerly known as Twitter), Godley claimed someone had sent it to her and that it appeared to be an account from Harvey that had been replying to several of her posts and subsequently tagging her in responses.

Several of the comments were reportedly about the Labour Party, while one from Harvey's account read: "@JaneyGodley please dm me. It's pretty urgent."

A further post pleaded forgiveness for missing her show "at the festival. I got an ear infection and couldn't make it up."

The posts on X appeared to be from 2016, while Harvey's account doesn't appear to have been used since 2018.

Harvey has hit out at Netflix, Gadd, and broadcaster Piers Morgan after a fiery interview on his YouTube show last week. She has since claimed Morgan exploited her and only offered to pay her around NZ$500 for her appearance. 

Morgan has denied the claims saying they "treated her fairly".

Harvey has since threatened to sue Morgan, Netflix and Gadd himself.

In her interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored, Harvey said she had only ever met Gadd three times, and said some of the emails she sent him were just "jokey banter".

Harvey told Morgan she had chosen to speak out as she wanted to "set the record straight" after being bombarded by online trolls.

"It's completely untrue. Very, very defamatory to me, very career-damaging. And I wanted to rebut that completely on this show. I'm not a stalker. I've not been to jail, I've not got injunctions. And this is just complete nonsense."