AM host Lloyd Burr worried colleague is about to put urine in his eye live on TV

AM host Lloyd Burr caused chaos on Friday's episode during a desperate quest to get a cure for an eye condition.

Burr revealed early on in the show that he had a stye on his eye which was causing him discomfort, and had asked viewers for cures for the condition.

Labour MP Willie Jackson said he had been told of an old myth that urine in the eye could cure it.

But later on, towards the end of Friday's show, Burr became suspicious of co-host Melissa Chan-Green who he saw hiding a cup under the presenter's table.

He then asked her if it was a cup of urine, prompting much shock in the studio.

"Who do you think I am, Lloyd?" Chan-Green asked.

"Because you've hidden it under the desk," Burr replied.

"I would never bring in a cup of urine," she said before dissolving into giggles.

"What I've brought in is a cold tea bag - a cold tea bag will sort it out," she said.

"Not urine soaked is it?" Burr asked, a little bit terrified.

Watch the interview above.