Review: The Garfield Movie has plenty of lasagne and all things cheese

The long weekend lends itself to a movie outing, especially for desperate parents with bored children.

Enter stage left: Garfield the cat in his very own movie.

Garfield the cat - in The Garfield Movie - is the perfect opportunity for the furriest, floofiest flashback to Garfield the kitten.

Cat lovers unite: it's an entire movie just for you, full of cat jokes riffing on Garfield's legendary love of lasagne and all things cheese, with his clever bestie Odie at his side.

Of course, all good cats need an origin story. This time it comes with daddy issues.

Daddy Garfield, also known as Vic, is a tad dodgy with a penchant for stealing things, and he soon recruits his long-lost son for his biggest heist yet.

Like most family films targeting the younglings, there are a few fun things to keep the grown-ups awake.

I loved the fact Ving Rhames features on the voice cast as the storyline delves into the Missions Impossible.

Plus, hearing Snoop Dogg in my eardrums always brings joy.

Bear in mind I am essentially Garfield in human form. We share the same love of cheese and naps offset by the whole 'I hate Mondays' situation.

So, I sat back and had more than a wee giggle alongside the kiddlewinkles.

An inoffensive, not entirely memorable, three-and-a-half-star watch.