Tiki Taane offers korero with commenter who said every 'Kiwi male should have Māori as a pet'

Tiki Taane is reaching out to a commenter who made a shocking statement.
Tiki Taane is reaching out to a commenter who made a shocking statement. Photo credit: Facebook - Tiki Taane

Tiki Taane says he is willing to "invite" over a commenter who said on his social media that 'every Kiwi male should have Māori as a pet'.

Taane shared a screenshot of the comment made by "Donny Boy" on his Facebook page, saying that he was "here" for the original poster to talk to.

"Although 'Donny Boy' is clearly a fake page, I'd still like to invite him over to my whare for a korero and a kai. I'm interested in unpacking what has happened to Donny for him to think and feel this way," he wrote.

"Is this kind of thinking generational and passed down to him by his whānau, or was he hurt or mistreated by someone of Māori descent which has manifested into this type of thinking. 

"Whatever the case, I'm here for you Donny Boy, with aroha and an open heart. I know these times will be scary for you but don't be afraid, I can help you understand what's going on.

"It's never too late to learn, heal and connect. Ka warea te ware, Ka area te rangatira - Ignorance the oppressor, Vigilance the liberator," he concluded.

Taane's post received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, with many saying they too had received similar sentiments and had tried to reach out to talk.

"The sad thing is that they don't take up the feather of peace," one commented.

"I have no words however Tiki your response is truly an inspiration to all of us on how to deal with this type," another said.

"What a beautiful and kind way to approach this - you have such a huge heart," someone else wrote.

There has been no follow up comments from Donny Boy on Taane's post.

Taane is due to support L.A.B. in Christchurch on July 6.