NZ Music Month: Why Drax Project will showcase local bands on upcoming tour

Kiwi band Drax Project say they were overwhelmed with bands wanting to be play at their upcoming shows in Auckland and Christchurch.

As part of the 2024 New Zealand Music Month, the 'Mad At You' hitmakers put out a call for support acts for the gigs in June and July.

Speaking on AM on Thursday, the band's Sam Thomson said it became a case of not just selecting one, but seeing "how many can we fit in".

"It was a process of getting a spreadsheet, quite an organised thing. But it was good just going through all of them watching videos, there's obviously some incredible talent out there in New Zealand."

When asked by AM host Melissa Chan-Green how important it was to the band to champion local talent, Ben O'Leary said it had "done wonders for us".

"We almost built our whole music career off opening for other people, so whatever we can do to give back to everyone else."

Watch the video above.