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'Give this man a raise ASAP': Eye-catching rows of perfectly stacked snacks stun

A Wellington supermarket worker has been noticed for his outstanding organisational skills.

Watch: Karyn and Donald Cullingford confront a disgrunted customer.

New Zealand's 'rudest' cafe gets new owners

The Cullingfords may have insulted their last customer.

Erin Richo shared photos of the damaged kitchen appliance.

Aussie shopper's warning after Kmart microwave explodes

"The middle piece appears to have melted and has cracked the glass."

GirlGuiding New Zealand announced an end to the scheme last year.

Girl Guide biscuits about to hit supermarket shelves

But they're only here until stocks last.

Watch: Research shows meat can increase the likelihood of developing cancer.

Study says no health benefit to eating less meat - experts disagree

Kiwi academics say the findings could cause confusion and harm.

Cheryl says having a family meal with Charlie would be "amazing".

Heartbreaking reason single mum has never shared a meal with her son

"To share a meal with Charlie would be amazing."

Watch: The AM Show segment on the study.

Fish oil capsules could have half the omega-3 they claim to - study

A study found 60 percent of the capsules aren't living up to the label.

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KFC trialling fried chicken between glazed doughnut buns

The dirty doughnut mashup has polarised social media.

Watch: Newshub reporters try food from previous E-grade restaurants - these have since been regraded.

Teens sentenced after putting semen in their teachers' food

"Is this made with goat milk or cow milk?"

Watch: Chris Lewis spoke to Rural Exchange about the use of the term 'milk' for plant-based products.

Aussie politicians want words 'milk' and 'meat' banned from plant-based products

But 'soy water' and 'vegetable fingers' don't quite have the same appeal.

Vegans, vegetarians higher risk of stroke - study

Nigella Lawson's fishmonger blames vegans after his Instagram is censored

He believes activists reported his posts.

Vegans, vegetarians higher risk of stroke - study

Vegan food stuffed with salt, poses health risk - study

Meat-free bacon products are the worst.

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Cadbury and Pascall collaborate for new chocolate treat

The limited-edition block is available to Kiwis from September 16.

Related video: Newshub samples confectionery hybird, 'Jaffas Lumps'.

'Game-changing' homemade Pods recipe goes viral

Chocolate lovers are in for a treat.

Related video: Newshub samples confectionery hybird, 'Jaffas Lumps'.

Cadbury is releasing a Pineapple Lump block - reports

The rumoured release has got New Zealanders salivating.

Watch: Man goes on bizarre bagel shop rant about women not liking short men on Tinder.

Woman rejected by Tinder date who 'isn't ready' to share 'charcuterie'

"The boys in Germany are different."

One is topped with french fries, fried eggs, and 16 cheeseburgers.

Outrageous Instagrammable pizzas go viral over unique toppings

One is topped with french fries, fried eggs, and 16 cheeseburgers.

Watch: More people are taking the plunge into a plant-based life.

Free school lunches should be vegan - SAFE

Government meals should be good for the planet, the animal rights group says.

The stock image cake.

Mum's stock image birthday cake mistake costs her $380

"I still think about when my mum found this random cake on Google."

Food Drink

Teen goes blind after years of junk-food diet

Health experts are warning that the case is a sombre reminder of why it is important to have a balanced diet.