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Food Drink

Sanitarium wins legal spat over Weet-Bix trademark

It claimed British product Weetabix was too similar to its NZ product.

Food Drink

Cher celebrates new song with Auckland gelato

She dropped in after her concert and offered staff a $100 tip.

A vegan café owner forced to close after refusing to serve dairy is planning to walk the length of the country in protest.

Can you make your dog go vegan?

It is possible, but don't expect Fido to be happy.

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American restaurant 'hot-boxing' lobsters to ease cooking pain

"I feel bad that when lobsters come here there is no exit strategy."

sushi on a plate close up

Athlete downs 100 plates of sushi, banned from buffet

All-you-can-eat only lasts so long.

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End of $1 lolly mixes as dairy owners hit by label law

"You've got a $2 mix with 20 lollies, so you'd need 20 labels on that little bag... that's not happening."

Four full shot glasses of vodka on a wooden table, one in hand.

Alcohol brands pulled from Australian shelves

It's believed they could be chemically contaminated.

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Do you think this lunch is 'too unhealthy' for a toddler?

A confused mother posted an image of her son's lunchbox on Facebook, with the offending items.

Girl eating Tip Top Whittakers ice cream

Tip Top & Whittaker's join forces for new ice cream

They say the partnership is "like hokey and pokey; it just makes sense".

sweet cinnamon omelette with berries

Sweet cinnamon omelette with berries

This breakfast is protein-packed, easy to make and full of nutrients thanks to the eggs and fruit.

Watch: Meet the council staff keeping Auckland's restaurants clean.

Food critic in foul-mouthed clash with 'salty, immature' Auckland café

Goodness Gracious didn't take kindly to being called "so average".

Bowl of guacamole with tortilla chips

The trick to perfect guacamole you've been missing the whole time

If you love avocados more than Antoni from Queer Eye, you need to know this.

If no milk works for you, perhaps A2 milk could be a solution.

Got milk? Make it full fat

new study has shown once and for all it's time to switch to blue top.

The royals could be in line for a traditional hangi in Rotorua.

Harry and Meghan 'fairly tantalised' by NZ visit

The royals could be in line for a traditional hangi in Rotorua, the town's Mayor says.

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Iconic cookbook author hilariously slams own cake recipe

If you grew up the Women’s Weekly birthday cookbook, you'll relate.

Sausages on a table (file)

Meet your meat: A vegetarian visits butcher bootcamp

A meat-eschewing food editor proves she's got the chops by getting acquainted with some dead animals.

Pictured: Bacteria.

Study finds little benefit, to probiotics

In fact taking them at the same time as antibiotics could even be bad for you.

Hungover man at breakfast table

Welly's most popular hangover brekkie revealed

It seems the day of the greasy fry-up is over in the capital.

New World will give away more than 1 million vacuum-sealed food storage containers to customers.

New World's free plastic containers spark backlash

They're meant to help with food storage, but many called the promotion hypocritical.

Coco Pops has changed the slogan on its reduced sugar boxes after fathers complained it was sexist.

Coco Pops changes 'sexist' slogan after fathers complain

Kellogg's said it will change the wording to be more inclusive of fathers.