Food Drink

Food Drink

I'm eating too much avo - you probably are too

You really can have too much of a good thing.

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How to save money on your winter food bill

Seven tips to save money in the depths of winter.

Food Drink

Countdown recalls frozen vegetables amid fears of dangerous listeria strain

Anyone who has purchased the product can get a refund.

Food Drink

A reporter's attempt at eating a 1kg doughnut

If you can eat the doughnut in under a hour, you get a refund.

Photo Taken In Poland, Poznan

Does fake meat pack the nutritional punch of real meat?

Is it impossible to get that protein from the Impossible Burger?

Better Burger burger

If you're called Simon, have we got a treat for you

Simon says get your hands on a free burger.

New Zealand is one of the fastest growing takeaway markets in the world.

Takeaway nation: New Zealand's obsession with fast food revealed

Over 300,000 Kiwis admitted trying to pass takeaways off as home-cooking.

Crunchy Peanut Butter Spread on Toast Against a Blue Background

'Crunchy or smooth?' - We get Pic's definitive answer

The 'Willy Wonka of nuts' joined us to answer the important questions.

Food Drink

How to level-up your standard Sunday roast

Chef Anthony Gradiska shows how to kick your slow cooking up a notch.

Food researcher Dr Rebekah Graham says the school lunchbox is a source of moral judgement.

Time to end lunchbox shaming - food researcher

Kids are being sent home with notes if they bring muffins or lollies to school.

Customers are given goggles and gloves before attempting it

Australia's 'Death Wish' burger so hot it needs health waiver

Customers are given goggles and gloves before attempting to eat it.

Busy kitchen

Why restaurants don't want your bookings anymore

Is waiting an hour-and-a-half for a table the new normal?

Woman hand rolling pasta

Spaghetti bolognese doesn't exist: A love letter to Bologna

I am obsessed with pasta and Bologna is the best place in the world to eat it, writes Simon Day.

Big Mac burger

How to get a free Macca's Big Mac

Haven't got anything for dinner? What about a free burger? Did we mention it's free?

Do you think you can eat the 1kg doughnut in under a hour?

Christchurch bakery offers up free doughnuts

If you can eat the giant 1kg doughnut you get it for free.

Watch: New Zealand has now been the world's third-fattest nation for a decade.

Teen loses half her body weight in a year

At her heaviest, Josie weighed 122kg at just 16 years old.

Monique Fiso

The taste of New Zealand you can't find in New York

Even in Michelin star restaurants, there are some things you just can't get your hands on.

Young woman eating french fries potato with ketchup in a restaurant, having her lunch break. Close up

Healthy French fries - is there such a thing? New research says yes

The technology could enhance the wider NZ food industry.

Food Drink

Butchers plead for police protection amid vegan attacks

"We live in fear... they are terrorising us."

On Monday (local time), she was cooking food for a house-warming party and laced it with pesticide.

Woman poisons husband's family after they mock her cooking

Five people, including four children, were killed after eating the food.