Arnott's Gluten Free Barbecue Shapes and Jatz hit NZ supermarket shelves

Arnott's Gluten Free Shapes and Jatz
Gluten Free Shapes and Jatz are now stocked in supermarkets nationwide. Photo credit: Images - Supplied

Fellow coeliacs and gluten-free Kiwis, here's some good news for your Hump Day: Shapes, the popular snack and lunchbox staple, are now available sans gluten.

It was revealed earlier this year that Arnott's would be releasing Gluten Free Barbecue Shapes and Gluten Free Jatz in Aotearoa following their launch across the ditch. Aussie content creators were quick to share their verdicts on TikTok, with the popular food reviewer Russ Eats declaring the gluten-free variety were "bang on" in terms of flavour and rating them a respectable 7.5 out of 10.

Now, Gluten Free Shapes and Jatz are officially stocked in supermarkets nationwide - providing another savoury snack option for the 100,000 Kiwis who are avoiding or intolerant to gluten.

An Arnott's spokesperson said the brand-new range is made from a "carefully crafted gluten-free baking blend", offering "the same great taste and quality". Both the Shapes and Jatz have also been endorsed by Coeliac Australia and New Zealand, a trusted mark for those with an allergy.

Keryn Bloor, head of marketing at Arnott’s New Zealand, said providing products to gluten-free consumers was "a priority" for the business.

"We are proud to deliver these products that we know Kiwis will love. We are convinced that the Gluten Free Barbecue Shapes and Gluten Free Jatz are one of the best-tasting savoury, gluten-free snacks on the market," she said.

It might be a bold claim, but so far, reviews for the Shapes in particular have been mostly positive. Russ Eats added in his verdict that while the texture was "definitely different", it was not "in a bad way".

"They are a lot puffier and lighter... really hard to explain, but alright," he said, noting the gluten-free Shapes appeared to have more flavouring than their traditional counterparts.

In her review, Aussie content creator Lucy Neville declared the gluten-free Jatz were "perfection", while her Shapes' verdict was summarised with a little dance of happiness - we all know the one.

"I'm not even kidding, I'm going to finish this box right now," she added. "This has brought me so much joy."  

The launch follows Arnott's highly anticipated release of the Gluten Free Tim Tam last year, with its gluten-free biscuit range also consisting of Scotch Fingers, Tiny Teddies, Mint Slice and Shortbread Cream.

Will the Shapes be released in other flavours? Fingers crossed for Cheddar.

Arnott's allergy-friendly sweet treats compete with the likes of Woolworths' own-brand Free From Gluten range, as well as Aotearoa's own Kea Cookies and Molly Woppy.

Gluten Free Jatz and Barbecue Shapes are available in Woolworths, New World, Pak'nSave and independent retailers: RRP$5.