Fortnite rival hits 25 million players in a week

Eight days ago, almost nobody had ever heard of Apex Legends.

Raymond and his brother Raymond meet Maioro.

'Super Maioro' makes child's day before heading to Hamilton Sevens

His Mario Kart costume left the little fan rapt.

Roy Krishna has scored nine goals in 11 games this season.

Krishna's form recognised by popular video game

The Phoenix footballer was named in FIFA 19's Team of the Week.

Watch: It's 75 years since NZ handed Nazi Germany its first land defeat of WWII.

Controversial 'Secret Hitler' board game for sale in NZ

"What's next, a board game set in the gas chambers and ovens of Auschwitz?"

Watch: It's 75 years since NZ handed Nazi Germany its first land defeat of WWII.

'Secret Hitler' board game horrifies Holocaust survivors' families

Secret Hitler pits 'liberals' against 'fascists', but not everyone's having fun.


Xbox next-generation console codename revealed

It's not just the PlayStation 5 reportedly launching in 2020.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's star sues Fortnite creators for stealing 'Carlton Dance'

Fortnite sued for 'stealing' iconic dance, the Carlton

Alfonso Ribeiro claims the game's 'Fresh' emote rips off his trademark move.


Twitch streamer livestreams himself abusing wife

His follower count has plummeted after the incident.

Compare 2 Milly's moves with Fortnite.

Rapper sues Fortnite creators over dance move

2 Milly says Epic Games is making money with his dance, the Milly Rock.


Far Cry New Dawn cover flirts with more 'white genocide' controversy

The image plays into racial controversy the game series has previously courted.

Dancing With The Stars NZ, Lorde, Fortnite and Ariana Grande were big with Kiwi tweeters

Ariana Grande, Fortnite, Lorde dominate NZ Twitter in 2018

Dancing With The Stars NZ also landed one of the most popular hashtags.


Revealed: Why Māori are a 'perfect fit' for Civilization

In the game, Māori will get environmental bonuses and perform a haka before battle.


Gaming and the gambling problem

How much is gaming contributing to problem gambling? The NerdsPLUS podcast investigates.


Review: PlayStation Classic is fun - but not as classic as it should be

This nostalgic console will be like catnip to a certain type of gamer, but there should be more to it.


Red Dead multiplayer goes live this week

Sick of your loved one playing that cowboy game? They're about to play it much more.


New Civilization game trailer features Māori

The latest version of the classic strategy game looks to have a local element.


PlayStation 5 to be released in 2020 - report

Sony is apparently planning to initially reveal its next console mid-next year.

Video: Newshub obtains the precious Eevee in Pokémon Let's Go Eevee.

Review: Pokémon Let's Go

I love my Eevee daughter and will protect her with my life.


PUBG releasing for PS4 in December

PlayStation owners can finally join the Battlegrounds.


Xbox reveals Crackdown 3 multiplayer gameplay at XO18

The gaming company also announced yet another studio acquisition.