NerdsPLUS podcast: Lame of Thrones

Game of Thrones is ending with a whimper and Finn is less than impressed. The nerds also head off to see the not-so-wonderful wizard of games Randy Pitchford, and update you on the latest in the depressing world of game worker exploitation.


Avengers: Endgame and GoT spoilercast spectacular

Beware: This podcast is dark and full of spoilers.

Red Sox star Xander Bogaerts.

Red Sox ban 'Fortnite' from clubhouse

The MLB heavyweights are doing whatever it takes to kick-start their season.

Watch: Meet the woman smashing gaming's glass ceiling.

Women gamers better than men - survey

If you are a man, it pays to be unemployed and single.


PlayStation 5 confirmed, first specs revealed

Sony says it'll support 8K graphics and play PS4 games.


NerdsPLUS podcast: Does your office need a designated crying room?

Hot dang From Software done got us again. Plus we consider the future of the video game industry (some more), and discuss Jason Schreier's fascinating deep dive into Anthem's troubled development.


Meet the woman smashing gaming's glass ceiling

Her games treat depression, teach te reo and challenge gender stereotypes.

Steam is the world's most popular online gaming platform.

Game store Steam sued over geo-blocking

Game makers Bandai Namco, Capcom, Focus Home, Koch Media and ZeniMax are also in trouble.


Prince Harry says Fortnite game should be banned

He reckons its 250 million fans should not be allowed to play.

David Cumin from the Free Speech Coalition and David Shanks discuss the gunman's manifesto.

Chief censor 'concerned' over Christchurch terror attack game

The developers says it's "family-friendly", but David Shanks isn't so sure.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum game under development at Daedalic Entertainment, to be released in 2021.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum game to release in 2021

Gamers are getting a new Middle-earth adventure.


Did Google just end the console wars?

NerdsPLUS returns to devastate your entire existence.

Phil Harrison unveiled Stadia at the GDC in San Francisco.

Google unveils gaming service Stadia

It's hoped it'll rival PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC.


Is the NZ target in Hitman 2 based on Judith Collins?

Social media users certainly think so.

Breast physics in Dead or Alive 5 and trailer material for Dead or Alive 6

Breast physics: The controversy that plagues Dead or Alive games

Fierce debate over a wobbly subject is raging around the internet.

The first trailer has been released for the eighth generation of Pokémon games.

Watch: First look at newest Pokémon games

Sword and Shield will begin the next generation.

New Zealand pinned to a map so it won't get lost.

Games, like maps, often forget to include New Zealand too

And some that do include Aotearoa get it hilariously wrong.


Fortnite rival hits 25 million players in a week

Eight days ago, almost nobody had ever heard of Apex Legends.

Raymond and his brother Raymond meet Maioro.

'Super Maioro' makes child's day before heading to Hamilton Sevens

His Mario Kart costume left the little fan rapt.

Roy Krishna has scored nine goals in 11 games this season.

Krishna's form recognised by popular video game

The Phoenix footballer was named in FIFA 19's Team of the Week.