Plastic in our kitchens: Risk-free or slowly poisoning us?

Plastic in our kitchens: Risk-free or slowly poisoning us?

If you look around your kitchen, chances are you will find a plethora of plastic.

We eat off it, cover our food with it, cook with it and drink out of it but how safe is the plastic around our food?

It's a cheap and convenient way to protect our food but is it harming us and slowly poisoning us?

Auckland mother Kylie Cushman is concerned about what her kids are being exposed to and she only uses plastic if it is BPA free and tries to use glass, stainless steel and bamboo.

Toxicologist Ian Shaw studies plastic and says if it is not made properly, chemicals can leach into our food and behave like hormones in our bodies.

But it's not just plastic but also genestane from soy in bread and parabens in cosmetics and deodorants and they are now trying to discover if they are linked to breast cancer.

It sounds alarming but these could be long term effect. Still, Mr Shaw believes we should aim to minimise any risk.

But not everyone agrees that risk exists -- including the Ministry of Primary Industries, The European Food Safety Authority and the US FDA.

So how much of a chemical is too much and should we all be concerned?

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