Banana Boat sunscreen blamed for severe burns

  • 13/01/2017
Banana boat sunscreen blamed for child's sunburn
Mrs Batten's daughter has first-degree burns on her back.

An Australian mother whose daughter wakes up "screaming in pain" with first-degree burns says Banana Boat Sunscreen failed to protect her.

Danielle Batten from Victoria posted photos to Facebook of her daughter's burned and blistering back.

Mrs Batten says she "piled on" Banana Boat's SPF 50+ sunscreen before spending one hour in the sun.

"Please take note on what sunscreens you use on your kids", she warned. "[My daughter] is now suffering in a lot of pain.

"She wakes up in the middle of the night screaming in pain, and I don't want any other kids or parents to have to go through this."

It comes amidst a wave of concern around sunscreen quality and calls from Melanoma New Zealand for a minimum standard of sunscreen to be set.

Banana Boat sunscreens do not advertise as adhering to any standard. However all products have the endorsement of either the US or International Skin Cancer Foundation.

It's not the only sunscreen being criticised for not doing its job: There are calls for Nivea's 50+ sunscreen spray to be recalled after holidaymakers across New Zealand and Australia were left burned and blistered.

One child has suffered second-degree burns, and a "fuming" mother is calling on New World supermarkets to stop selling the product.

The company says it stands by the product, which it says meets Australia and New Zealand standards. It said it could be possible the problem was user error - either not using enough or not applying as frequently as necessary.