Lisa Owen wants questions about having kids to stop

  • 27/02/2018

Newshub reporter Lisa Owen says she wants people to stop asking her why she's not having any children.

The admission comes as Three's The Project asks people to share their baby stories - including the guest hosts.

Newshub Nation's Owen, who was on the desk on Tuesday night, said while she doesn't have a story of her own, she wanted people to quit asking why she hasn't yet had kids.

"My baby story is that I don't have any babies, and I wish people would stop asking me why I don't have babies," she explained.

"I've been asked, 'Did I forget to have children, did it just pass me by?'

"In fact, in one interview I was asked if I had a problem 'down there', in those words, and that maybe expressing that problem would garner some sympathy for me.

"I'm thinking about getting a t-shirt printed 'my vagina is fine, stop asking!'."

Watch the video for the full The Project segment.