Radio stars Sharyn and Bryce Casey hope fertility week leads to less invasive questions around pregnancy

  • 02/03/2018

Sharyn and Bryce Casey hope people get a greater awareness of the inappropriateness of asking a couple when they're having a baby after The Project's fertility week.

The Caseys have been open with their own issues, suffering three miscarriages before they were able to have a child.

Sharyn is a host on The Edge's Jono and Ben drive-time, while Bryce is a host on The Rock. 

During a procedure after a miscarriage Ms Casey's obstetrician discovered she had a septum - a piece of tissue preventing blood flow in the uterus.

She had surgery to remove the tissue and their baby Tyson was born in January 2018 after trying to have a child for five years.

They say main thing they want to see come out of fertility week is a greater awareness around fertility problems and miscarriages.

"Hopefully the more that people hear about it the less people will invasively ask 'so when are you having a baby?'," Ms Casey said.

"Because you never know what somebody's going through so never ask the question."