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He says it's sometimes necessary to take them "out of harm's way".

Māori King tells people to stop blaming Government over child uplifts

He says it's sometimes necessary to take them "out of harm's way".

Watch: Tooth decay common for kids in Northland and Auckland - study.

Fluoride in the water could lower children's IQ - study

Pregnant women exposed to fluoride might be putting their children's intelligence at risk, new research has found.

New research has also found legalising cannabis doesn't result in more teens taking up toking.

Not as many Kiwi teens are getting high on weed as before

And new research shows they're not just replacing cannabis with other drugs either.

Watch: The Government believes upping standards for rental homes could save lives.

Damp, mouldy homes blamed for high rate of kids with respiratory infections

About half of all GP consultations for under-twos involve respiratory illnesses.

Watch: A top cardiologist says energy drinks shouldn't be sold to people under 16.

Principals back Countdown's child energy drink ban

But they say it won't work unless other supermarkets and dairies join in.

Watch: Dame Sue Bagshaw speaks to the AM Show.

What parents should do about on-screen nudity

The BSA has released research into how seeing naked bodies in media affects children.

At least three babies have died in the area recently.

Scathing review slams Middlemore Hospital's pregnancy care

At least three babies have died in the area recently.

Watch: Oranga Tamariki uplifts 'too brutal' - Willie Jackson.

Huge support for Māori-led inquiry into Oranga Tamariki

"It's time for us to look after our own, by Māori, for Māori."

Merepeka Raukawa-Tait on The Hui.

Māori 'at war' with Oranga Tamariki

Merepeka Raukawa-Tait says a new inquiry is unique because it is for Māori, by Māori.

Willie Jackson, Michael Wood and Judith Collins on The AM Show.

Oranga Tamariki uplifts 'too brutal' - Jackson

Another prominent Māori leader says the days of tamariki being taken into care are "gone".

Watch: Vaccine expert Helen Petousis-Harris on The AM Show.

Parents offered petrol vouchers and nappies to get their kids immunised

Experts are praising the move.

Jane says Oranga Tamariki might have written her off, but she's not giving up on her kids.

Mother fighting to get Oranga Tamariki to return her kids

She says she's turned her life around, but has been written off.

Children's Health

Pregnant woman killed, baby critical in London stabbing attack

Her baby was delivered alive - but she couldn't be saved.

Three-year-old Harry Finch is "determined" to walk one day.

Cromwell bands together to help boy with cerebral palsy walk

Three-year-old Harry Finch is "determined" to walk one day.

Children's Health

The controversial exemption to the smoking in cars ban

Associate Health Minister Jenny Salesa struggled to defend it when asked.

One of the 'horns' featured in the study.

Cellphone 'horn' study 'doesn't make a bit of sense'

Reports kids are growing horns because they're on their phones too much are nonsense, experts say.

Child not paying attention in class

Kids not paying attention in class? How much it could cost them

Teachers can tell which kids will go on to earn the big bucks when they're only six years old.

Tharunicaa and Kopika

Two-year-old girl in detention centre denied birthday cake

Australia's shadow immigration minister says the government needs more "common sense and compassion".

Watch: A world-first study shows that New Zealand's high obesity rates are inevitable due to unhealthy food environments.

Poor neighbourhoods driving obesity for young Māori - study

Our colonial history is being blamed.

Bernard Te Paa on The Hui.

Baby uplifts: Questions raised around patient rights and Treaty obligations

The Hawke's Bay District Health Board has come under scrutiny again this week.