Free burgers for all Simons at Better Burger

Better Burger burger
On Wednesday anyone named Simon can get their hands on a free burger. Photo credit: Supplied

A Kiwi burger chain is giving customers a chance to get their hands on a free burger - but there's a catch.

In honour of their new bun less burger 'The Simon', anybody named - wait for it - 'Simon' can get their hands on a free cheeseburger at any Auckland Better Burger on Wednesday.

The deal also applies to hungry customers with first or middle name Simone, Saimone, Simona, Haimona, Himiona or Taimona.

For those feeling the low-carb buzz, fresh lettuce wraps will be available in place of the bun.

Why? All in the name of an epic menu hack. Simon Holbrook from West Auckland hacked the Better Burger menu with a very meaty creation: five patties, five slices of cheese, a few pickles, some secret sauce  and nothing else.

'The Simon' is now available on Better Burger's permanent secret menu,

If you're called Simon (or one of the above options), and want to score a free burg, simply show your ID at any of Auckland's four Better Burger locations on Wednesday.

Other hacks on Better Burger's secret menu include:

 Try saying 'make it epic' to unlock fries with added mustard and grilled onions

 Utter 'superstar it' to add to your burger a juicy, crumbed Portobello mushroom



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