Graham Norton to release gin with Kiwi twist

  • 10/07/2018

It's no secret that Graham Norton loves his tipples, and once again he's creating a drop with a Kiwi spin.

The beloved UK talk show host teased a new release on the Invivio Wines Vimeo channel this week, revealing that GN gin will be hitting supermarket shelves soon.

His gin will sit alongside his range of GN wines, which include a sauvignon blanc, rosé, shiraz and prosecco.

Norton teamed up with the Kiwi winemakers in 2014 to produce the GN brand, which has gone on to sell in over nine countries. He's personally involved in the process with Invivo, who say their wines are made from "grapes, time and two maxed out credit cards".

Norton told three's The Project last week that the partnership with Invivo came about after winemakers Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron got in contact.

"I must have said in an interview somewhere along the line that I love New Zealand wines, particularly sauvignon blancs," the chat show host said.

"The guys got in touch, offered to give wines to our green room, to our guests, which was clever and good PR because it's famous people drinking your wine.

"Then they took it one step further and said 'would you like to actually put together your own wines for New Zealand?'"

Norton says he's more "mouth-on" than hands-on, meeting up once a year with Invivo to blend and taste wines. The Drinks Business publication reports they've just finished finalising their 2018 range of vinos.

Norton admits that the weekly discussions on his famous couch often flow better when his guests have been drinking.

"Booze oils conversation, it oils the wheels of chat. When I walk out at the beginning of the show and I see some glasses of wine on the coffee table, I think 'ooh, this is going to be an alright show'. Whereas if I walk out and see three glasses of water, my heart does slightly sink."