The Bachelor's Naz releases new vodka drink Ketonic

The Bachelor NZ runner-up Nazanin 'Naz' Khanjani has released a new alcoholic drink that she says is perfect for those who don't want to sacrifice partying for fitness. 

Naz starred in the second season of reality TV show, coming second in the quest for the affection of Jordan Mauger, who chose Fleur Verhoeven instead. 

But now Naz, both a "social bunny" and a "fitness bunny", is focusing on her newest venture: a drink she says helps balance the line between those two personas. 

"I'd always have that guilty feeling of drinking too much, even vodka and soda with fresh lime," she told Newshub.

"I was just thinking 'why don't I just bring something in for people who are trying to find a balance?'"

Enter Ketonic - a coconut water and vodka-based drink that Naz promises "won't leave you feeling guilty". 

"It doesn't give you that bloated feeling - it's literally a detox as you're drinking," she adds. 

The Bachelor's Naz releases new vodka drink Ketonic
Photo credit: Norrie Montgomery

Ketonic has 2.5g of sugar, 3.8g of carbs and no fat. 

But Naz says there's no sacrifice on flavour. 

"One thing we had to be careful of was taste - the taste was very important to us," she says.

"The best way to describe the taste is 'sexy'; you just want to drink more and more.

"You can't even taste the alcohol. It's really hard to find something out there that's good for you with alcohol in it [and] tastes amazing."

The Bachelor's Naz releases new vodka drink Ketonic
Photo credit: Norrie Montgomery.

Ketonic will be competing with a line-up of pre-mixed alcoholic drinks catering to the health and wellness market. 

Pre-mixed mojito brand 'Clean Collective' launched in New Zealand last year; a mix of triple distilled vodka, sparkling natural water and natural fruit extracts and boasting zero sugar or carbs.

For those choosing gin, pre-mixed 'Park Lanes' contain only gin, lime and soda, and only 100 calories a can. 

But for Naz, Ketonic is about more than just the calories. She says the brand also represents "woman power and female empowerment". 

"I decided in this company, I wanted it to be purely run by women," she says.

"We've all just come together and we've put our ideas together and come up with this drink. 

The drink is designed to be a reflection of Naz - she's even included a little of herself on the label. 

"The symbol on there is a pink flamingo, which is a spirit animal for me. It's simply about beauty, confidence and strength."

The official launch of Ketonic won't be until the end of January, but those wanting to try it early can get their hands on some from at select Auckland outlets. 

"Eventually, we want it at all the clubs and every bottle shop round the country, but right now we're just focusing on making it exclusive in Auckland," Naz explains. 

"As with any business, we're taking baby steps and have to be realistic. We've got goals and we're just going to work towards them."

She's not the only Bachelor alum to start a business post show. First season success story Art Green and Matilda Rice launched their paleo meal delivery business Plate Up last year. 

More information about Ketonic can be found here