Anger after model Laura Evans fronts new Hallenstein Brothers campaign

A New Zealand men's fashion store has drawn criticism from online commenters after putting a female model front and centre of its new suit campaign.

In new advertisements showing 'The Power of the Suit', model and influencer Laura Evans joins a squad of men, including Hallensteins regulars Khari Kamal and Jay Alvarrez.

Evans wears a men's tailored skinny fit suit in the photo-shoot, available in store.

"I'm very shy and '[keep] to myself' kind of girl but when I'm in a suit I feel so confident and powerful. I feel like no-one can stop me," she says in an accompanying video.

While many have praised the brand for inclusiveness, others are not so pleased with the move.

"Hallensteins is a male clothing store? This is ridiculous!" one commenter wrote on Facebook.

"Get, off, the, bandwagon...." another ordered.

"I just am over every company jumping on the bandwagon to show how 'progressive' they are, to the point where it now feels disingenuous," whinged another.

One woman wrote that they should "let the boys have something to themselves for once".

"Come on ladies, we have enough clothing stores of our own. Plenty of which have suits we can wear," she added.

Others have pointed out that the store is simply saying suits aren't necessarily masculine.

"I am a woman who has purchased a t-shirt from Hallensteins before! Strike me down lmao" wrote a female commenter.

"After seeing that girl in a suit, now I want a suit," another revealed

"This has made my week."

Newshub has approached Hallensteins for comment.