Customer slams racist service after being labelled as Asian on receipt

  • 11/02/2019

An Auckland woman has slammed a West Auckland restaurant after she discovered staff had identified her and her friends as "Asians" on her receipt.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, told Stuff she was disappointed by the incident at Falls Restaurant & Café.

A receipt for iced coffee, ginger beer and iced chocolate, referred to the group as "Asians" - something the woman said was racist and appalling. She said she and her friends were born in New Zealand.

The receipt identified the group as "Asians".
The receipt identified the group as "Asians". Photo credit: Social Media

According to Stuff, the restaurant blamed the error on a new employee.

Manager Arvind Kumar told Stuff the new waiter used "Asians" to identify the group who had been sitting at an unnumbered table.

In cases when a table didn't have a number, the restaurant's policy was to put a customer's name on the receipt to identify them, Kumar told Stuff.

The woman said she would not return to the restaurant.