Outrage sparked in UK as Cadbury reduces treat sizes

It's not just New Zealand suffering from Cadbury's chocolate cuts. The confectionary giant has announced it will be shrinking its UK Easter eggs to make them more "affordable".

Sizes will fall by 7-11 percent - while its only dropping prices by an average of 2.5 percent.

Cadbury's Mini Eggs have been cut from 90g to 80g, while the Crunchie Easter Egg and Large Crème Egg will be reduced from 278g to 258g, trade journal The Grocer reports.

"Like all food manufacturers, we sometimes have to make changes to ensure that people can continue to buy their favourite Easter treats at affordable prices," a spokesperson for Cadbury's owner, Mondelez, told The Grocer.

"We've worked hard to ensure we're still offering families great value for money across what we believe will be popular products this Easter."

Cadbury has drawn ire here with the announcement it will be reducing the size of their chocolate bars as it's no longer sustainable to absorb increasing costs. Similar reductions are taking place in Australia.

On Thursday, Cadbury posted a statement online revealing that consumers would "notice something a little different about our Cadbury family blocks".

It's met with an angry reaction, with many commenters noted the company had "ruined" previous products by reducing their size or changing their flavour.

"On what planet is less chocolate an acceptable solution for anything," said one person, while another commented: "I won't be buying Cadbury anymore, this is ridiculous."

"It's almost like you don't want to be in business. What a way to ruin an iconic NZ brand."

And in September, outrage was sparked after Cadbury Roses underwent a makeover, with several new flavours and many others dropped. Boxes ended up on TradeMe after Kiwis found the unwanted treats in their Christmas stockings.

More recently, to the horror of many, January saw the company's beloved marshmallow Easter eggs cut in half and their wrappers removed.

Cadbury said it was impossible to change it back due to an upgrade of its equipment.