Australian bike gang leader ridiculed for stealing photos on Instagram

A man with a heavily tattooed face and a red bike.
Brett Pechey. Photo credit: Instagram

An Australian bike gang leader has been ridiculed for stealing photos to use for boasting on his Instagram account.

Brett "Kaos" Pechey, former Banditos Motorcycle Club president, shared a picture of what he claimed to be his new Ducati motorcycle last week.

"The new toy just got back from make over. When u got to rent extra car spaces due to having to many toys... life problems (sic)," he captioned the image.

But it was quickly discovered the picture had actually been used several times before, including on Ducati's own official Instagram account. 

A screenshot of the embarrassing incident was posted to the Instagram account Flop Hunting.

"Tag a mate that just wants to impress his friends," the post was captioned.

It's not the first time Pechey has been featured on the account. An earlier post showing of a pile of Louis Vuitton bags was also revealed to be a fake.

He claimed to the Daily Mail his account had been "hacked" and he had only recently regained access to it.

Pechey said he did not know the hacker, but claimed the person had also sent messages from his account and it had been going on for some time.

A source told the Daily Mail Pechey has become obsessed with sharing fake images from his Instagram in an attempt to make his former fiancée, Instagram model Rikki Louise Jones, jealous.