Australian blogger bringing 'dangerous' anti-vax tour to NZ

An Australian blogger is bringing her controversial anti-vax tour to New Zealand.

Taylor Winterstein is a self-dubbed "ex-vaxxer", married to NRL star Frank Winterstein, who claims parents are bullied into vaccinating their children.

She announced on February 3 that she would be bringing her "Tay's Way: Making Informed Choices" workshop to Auckland for one night.

Australian medical practitioner Dr Harry Nespolon says her views are dangerous.

"Vaccination has literally saved millions of lives, and if you don't give that information I think that's not fair.

"I would be asking people, who would they trust more with their child, their local doctor or a WAG?"

Ms Winterstein, who is openly against vaccination, posts on her Instagram saying neither of her sons were vaccinated.

She denies being an 'anti-vaxxer' but tells her followers the vaccination industry is full of "lies, manipulation and BS."

"I am not anti-vax, I am EX-VAXXER and have always encouraged my audience to investigate before you vaccinate."

Comments online slammed the blogger, arguing she is not a medical professional, so shouldn't be allowed to have a platform on the topic.

"$200 to listen to someone unqualified preach information they've gained through unqualified people where do I sign up to be a teacher?" said one comment on Facebook.

"Please stop putting the rest of the population at risk through your uninformed workshops," said a Twitter user.

Ms Winterstein will be travelling throughout Australia, Samoa and New Zealand with her tour.