Woman fired over stealing pregnant co-worker's lunch everyday

woman looking in the fridge
The woman even left a polite note for the thief. Photo credit: Getty.

A pregnant woman is asking for advice online after allegedly getting a co-worker fired for repeatedly stealing her lunch.

The frustrated employee posted in Reddit forum 'Am I the A**hole?', to claim she was targeted by the thief stealing her food every day.

The woman says she started off by leaving a polite note for the thief, explaining that her lunch was made by her chef husband, and she needed to eat a nutritious meal as she was pregnant.

But the lunch thief was apparently merciless, continuing to steal the food every day - before dumping the dirty container in the work kitchen sink, the woman said.

The pregnant woman says she ended up taking matters into her own hands, asking the IT department to install cameras in the kitchen to catch the sandwich snatcher.

The thief was soon unmasked as a "middle aged woman who doesn't seem to like me", the woman wrote.

"She is making triple what I am making, if not more." 

The Reddit poster says she got IT to send her multiple screen-grabs of the thief.

When the culprit was up for promotion, the pregnant woman says she got her revenge.

"She's near the executive level, and once you get this high up, the interviews involve execs from headquarters flying down to meet up with the execs in our office to sit in on presentations from the interviewees," the woman said.

"After she finished and was doing a Q&A, I put an image up on the screen.

"It was the pics of her stealing my food. People in the room started chuckling, and she turned back to look at the screen in horror."

The pregnant woman said the executives at the office who knew about the lunch stealing were "visibly pissed" and it resulted in the woman's position being "terminated".

Following the dramatic confrontation, the pregnant woman asked Reddit users if it was extreme to get the thief fired.

Almost all of the thousands of comments were in the pregnant woman's favour.

"She is in a professional situation and stealing from co-workers is non-professional... she took the petty route," wrote one commenter. 

"Stealing is stealing... if she is OK with this behaviour, what other dishonest things would she do? Such an awesome ending to this story. She dug her own grave," wrote another.

"Theft is illegal no matter how small. You did everything right here and she BROKE THE LAW. She got herself fired," commented another.