KFC celebrates Easter with chocolate egg and chicken bucket

KFC is truly getting into the spirit of Easter by asking fans to nail down which came first - chicken or the egg?

Their new Easter bucket features a whole chocolate egg, topped with piping hot pieces of original recipe chicken.

The jury is still out on how the egg doesn't melt with the heat, but only a limited number of people around the country will be able to give us the answer.

The fried chicken chain posted on Facebook on Tuesday morning, asking fans to give their best "eggsplanation" of whether the egg or chicken came first.

Those with the best answers would win one of the buckets.

As of midday, the post has almost 600 replies.

KFC Chief Marketing Officer Geraldine Oldham reckons the bucket will be a "hot favourite - up there with other unique creations including the chocolate scotch egg, the Game of Thrones chocolate dragon egg, the cheese egg and the chocolate avocado egg".

If you need to wash it down with more chocolate, competing fast food chain McDonald's has released a slightly more traditional Easter option: a Cadbury Caramello egg-flavoured McFlurry. 

The KFC Easter bucket joins a host of limited edition items released for special occasions, probably the most memorable of which was the Valentine's Day fried chicken bouquet released in 2017.

The same year, the fast food chain released Mother's Day chocolates flavoured with the iconic 11 herbs and spices recipe.