Bride asks Maid of Honour to delay boob job until after wedding

bride and bridesmaids
The woman has been described as the ultimate 'bridezilla'. Photo credit: File.

Everyone wants their wedding day to be all about them, but one bride has taken it to a new level.

A Maid of Honour took to the Reddit 'Bridezilla' thread to ask for advice, after the bride asked her to delay her long-awaited breast enhancement surgery until after her September wedding.

The MOH says that she had long been looking forward to her procedure, which is set for the end of May, but the bride "isn't very happy about it.''

"She said she wants to be the hottest one in her wedding party, and I may overshadow her with my new boobs," the MOH wrote.

The MOH even offered to wear something "not revealing" and "not flash my boobs in front of everyone," but the bride was unsatisfied.

Bride asks Maid of Honour to delay boob job until after wedding
Photo credit: Reddit.

While the MOH says she feels upset, she revealed it meant other details about the wedding started making sense.

"She didn't include our other best friend who is hellishly hot in her wedding party and we both were shocked about it... Instead, she picked her future sister-in-laws as bridesmaids, who are twins and quite chubby.

"They are very sweet ladies but the bride called them 'land whales' behind their back once."

It appears the bride formed her wedding party out of people "she thinks are less sexy than her," including the MOH.

"She doesn't want me to get hotter either. I don't know how to feel," the sad MOH finished the post.

Most commenters were outraged on her behalf, telling her to go ahead with her surgery.

 "Yikes, sounds like come August she will be an absolute nut job of a bridezilla," one user wrote.

"Keep your surgery. You, the surgeon, and I assume some time off work has/have all been arranged. Don't buy your dress if you haven't yet. Seems like you might get benched from the 'not hot' line up," another advised.

"Keep your appointment and enjoy your new boobies!" another wrote.

It's not the first crazy Bridezilla to hit the headlines. One Aussie bride told a women's lifestyle site she secretly fattened up her two bridesmaids before the wedding with weight-gaining smoothies. Another US bride unceremoniously sacked her bridesmaid via email - and asked her to mail her wedding outfit to her replacement.