Canadian actress reveals creepy emails after turning down potential flatmate

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Actress Natasha Negovanlis Photo credit: Twitter/@natvanlis

A Canadian actress and writer has posted excerpts of the terrifying responses she's received from a potential flatmate.

Natasha Negovanlis posted on Twitter saying she had recently started scouring the internet for a new place to live.

"I replied to a seemingly normal classified looking for a roommate, since I had excellent luck finding roomies online in the past," she said.

"I quickly realised based off the wording in their first response to a simple question that this boy has some issues so I very politely declined to view the space. Twice."

However, her polite refusal clearly did not have an impact, as Negovanlis says she is still receiving increasingly threatening messages.

She then posted a snippet of one of the threatening messages.

"There are people in the world who truly believe that all men kill the thing they love," reads the horrifying email.

"I don't believe that. Something I love wouldn't be so easily killed. If you think our falling out is terminal, then that means it was never meant to be," he continues.

"This fall out was inevitable and would have come up at some point in our relationship. The fact that it's happening now is better for both of us.  Natasha if you were being completely about who [you] are and [what] you're about we could have an amazing experience together," he wrote.

The message comes to a close on a weird Game of Thrones reference, and a threat of replacement.

"If you don't want to live with me, fine. But I swear this, by the old gods and the new, if I'm not living with you, it'll be someone like you."

Negovanlis finished the thread by telling her followers she had filed a police report.

"Womxm [sic] are so conditioned to believe we're just being overly paranoid, but the police agreed the emails were strange... stay safe out there y'all."