'I felt broken': Auckland woman who suffered 12 miscarriages opens up on her pain

Miscarriages are a lesser discussed part of pregnancy, but one in four women has experienced one.

Some women, like Aucklander Storm Taylor, don't just experience one heartbreaking miscarriage - they have the experience over and over.

Taylor and her husband have been through 12 miscarriages together.

"I felt broken, I felt like I wasn't a woman anymore 'cause I kept losing them," she told The Project's Kanoa Lloyd on Monday.

She says watching her friends and family conceive was difficult.

"I felt like that could have been me, I could have had that baby and it just didn't happen," said Taylor.

But then it did happen - after six years, and so many tragedies, Taylor fell pregnant with a baby girl, and carried to term.

"She's very alert, she wants to look everywhere, wants to talk to everyone," said Taylor.

Taylor says speaking about her grief is therapeutic.

"I always thought I was alone, and it's good to talk about it," she told Lloyd. "It feels like a weight is lifted off your shoulders when you talk about it."

Watch the full interview above.