Internet outraged over 'salad' lasagne

vegan salad lasagne
The offending salad has caused outrage on social media. Photo credit: Twitter.

Vegan alternatives to popular dishes can be controversial at the best of times, but the internet is truly outraged over the 'salad lasagne' someone brought to work for a shared lunch. 

Twitter user Arista Fbabi posted an image of the offending lunch item on Twitter, with the caption "Coworker brought in vegan lasagne today and I'm ready to knock all that shit over".

The Tweet has garnered almost 20,000 retweets and 63,000 likes, with opinion split over whether it counts more as a lasagne or salad in square, layered form.

One person noted that the dish looks like "what a non-vegan thinks a vegan dish looks like".

Others were offended at the notion this counted as a vegan lasagne.

"Vegan lasagne is delicious when it's done right; it's just regular lasagne with no meat or cheese. This mess looks like a tragedy," wrote one person.

"Make vegan ricotta out of cashews, nutritional yeast, garlic, oregano, basil, salt, and lemon juice. Vegan lasagna done right is fire," suggested another.

Others were just straight furious.

"You are killing Italian people," wrote one user.

"This should be illegal," wrote another.

But many were quite impressed with the creativity, with one commenter writing: "This genius just discovered the proper method of serving salad. No more 'digging' for an extra slice of tomato. 10/10."