'Manifestation': Why celebrities swear by it as the secret to success

If you've heard the buzzword 'manifestation' floating around, you might have written it off: perhaps as something you have no time for, or maybe you just have no goddamn idea what it is.

But many celebs swear it's the secret to their success, and the core concept is the one that made book The Secret such a cult hit a few years back.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes manifestation as "one of the forms that something has when it appears or occurs" or "a perceptible, outward, or visible expression".

That doesn't give away much, but if manifestation is based in the law of attraction, where better to go for answers than 'LawOfAttraction.com' to figure it all out.

That site describes the process as "something that is put into your physical reality through thought, feelings, and beliefs".

"This means that whatever you focus on is what you are bringing into your reality."

Celebrities who swear by it include Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey and Jay Z - so if it worked for them it must be pretty effective right?

Dancing With The Stars NZ head judge and life coach Camilla Sacre Dellerup tells Newshub she truly believes in the power of manifestation.

"One of the helpful tools I have personally used for years to manifest, and taught many workshops on, is vision board making," she reveals. 

Sacre-Dallerup says after winning Strictly Come Dancing in the UK in 2008, she wanted a new direction for her life, as she no longer had the passion to be a dancer on the show.

"I remember very shortly after creating a brand new vision board and on it I added a photo that represented me running my own life coaching business... but also pictures of me judging [on Strictly Come Dancing]."

She started her own life coaching business in 2010, and became a judge on DWTS here in New Zealand last year.

"I never knew at the time that reality would be even better than that, that my vision would take me back to the country I love so much and that I would be a judge on DWTS here in New Zealand."

Sacre-Dallerup says "patience is a key element" in manifestation.

"Sometimes we don't get the opportunities when we think we are ready, but later on when we actually are. This definitely taught me that patience is also a key element when pursuing our dreams and taking steps of action towards what you want to manifest," she says.

"It's important when setting goals to leave some space to be flexible, but it's also equally important to be specific and detailed."

Camilla's vision-board making method:

  • All you need is a big piece of cardboard, some magazines, pictures of yourself if you want to add, scissors and glue.
  • Create a relaxing setting with some inspirational music that allows you to tune into your intuition. It can help to do a short meditation to start the session.
  • Then start going through the magazine cutting out words and pictures that speak to you and represent your vision. Make the vision board look as inspirational and positive as possible so every time you look at it motivates you to work towards it.

Camilla's key ideas to remember when wanting to manifest:

  • Start with a thought or vision, take action towards it, believe it can happen for you just like it can for anyone else, and have patience to let it unfold. Many times the only difference between someone manifesting and someone not is that one believes they can do it and take action, and one gives up before trying.
  • You can make this exercise as light-hearted, playful or focused as feels right to you, there really is no right or wrong to doing it - however, it can become a powerful tool to use.

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup is a judge on DWTS NZ and bestselling author of two self-help books Strictly Inspirational, and Reinvent ME.