Woman claims weight loss has destroyed her marriage

Woman says marriage ending after weight loss
The woman says the intimacy has gone from their relationship. Photo credit: Getty.

While weight loss is often thought of as a time for celebration, one woman has revealed its dark side, saying her marriage started falling apart once she lost weight.

Posting in weight loss thread 'LoseIt', Reddit user 'Nhove' appealed for advice, saying her 'overweight' husband has turned against her now that she's almost halved her body weight.

"He compensates his frustration about [his weight] by being absolutely anti-diet, anti-healthy food and exercise, to the point of ridiculousness," the woman explained.

"He acts like salad is poison and doesn't want me talking to the children about eating veggies like that will give them an eating disorder.

"He doesn't want to hear anything even faintly related to gym and exercise, he'll roll his eyes and tell me he doesn't want to hear about 'that crap'."

The woman also claimed that as she's reduced fat, her marriage's intimacy has also been trimmed.

"The last time I even tried to snuggle up to him while watching TV he pulled a disgusted face and mumbled something about 'bones'," she said.

"I miss physical contact with another person so, so much," she added.

The woman finished by writing that for the first time in 14 years, she's "seriously scared this relationship might be beyond repair".

The post has attracted over 800 comments in four days, with most commenters offering support.

"He needs to start differentiating between his problems and other people's problems. It's his problem that he can't cope with your weight loss success," one commenter wrote

"I went through a similar situation. I lost 100lbs (45kg) and was told my wife wouldn't support my weight loss or be happy for my success. Now she's my ex."

Many recommended couples counselling as an option.

"Please go get couples counselling! Sometimes a third party, neutral and without judgement, is the best cure for little fights that work their way inwards like a splinter," wrote one person.

"It sounds like he's projecting his own insecurities onto you. Maybe he isn't happy with how he looks and your progress makes him feel self-conscious. Therapy (individual for him and couples) could help a great deal," another advised.

It seems the problem is more common than you may think.

A study by Swedish researchers last year found that obese people in long-term relationships who had weight loss surgery or lost weight were 28 percent more likely to break up or divorce than peers who didn't have surgery.