Entitled bride asks woman she only met once to be bridesmaid, because she hears she gives expensive gifts

A bride's bizarre request has shocked internet users, after she turned to a near-stranger to be her bridesmaid because she heard she gives expensive gifts.

The weird message exchange was originally posted to a popular 'wedding shaming' Facebook group, before being posted on Reddit from user NotHappyJane.

In the screenshots, the bride-to-be messages the woman out of the blue.

"I just have a question so [a friend] has dropped out of my wedding and I wanted to know if you want to be in it like a bridesmaid," she writes, followed by a 'heart eyes' emoji.

"Are you serious?" the rightfully confused woman replied. "I'm not trying to be rude; I figure you'd ask one of your sisters or cousins? We've only met once at [a friend's] wedding."

The intention behind the bride's strange request became immediately clear, as she explained," I was just thinking because [a friend] told me how much you gave them for a wedding gift, it was really generous and you were her bridesmaid lol."

Understandably, the woman politely declined the bizarre request, writing "I'm going to have to say no."

"But I wish you and [your fiancé] the best of luck!" she added, because she is clearly a very nice person.

However the bride was not finished, making things worse by bringing up her registry and passive aggressively nudging the stranger to buy her a wedding gift.

"Well we're registered at bed bath and beyond if you want to get us anything," she wrote.

"Lmao," she added.

The long suffering stranger then politely asked when the wedding was, before the worst part of all happened.

"August, but we have so many people coming we can't invite everyone, sorry," the bride replied, with a sad-faced emoji.

Most of the 600 comments on the post pointed out the most bizarre part of the conversation - that the woman wasn't even invited as a friend.

"Still get me a gift though. PS: you're not invited xoxo," one person joked.

"Do people think their weddings are an opportunity to shakedown everyone in their life. The audacity," another raged.

Needless to say, the lesson learned from the conversation is that being a bridesmaid isn't for the mere acquaintance, and when a crucial wedding party member drops out don't immediately hit up the richest people you know.

It's not the first time a bride's bizarre request has made headlines. Last month one bride's weird request went viral when she asked a bridesmaid to delay a boob job until after the wedding.