The Block NZ: Expert tips to recreate Sophia & Mikaere’s winning guest bedroom style

The Block NZ 2019
Recreate Sophia and Mikaere's winning guest bedroom in your home. Photo credit: The Block NZ on Three

Taking top honours in the highly anticipated first room reveal is Turangi couple Sophia and Mikaere.

The win gave the couple their choice of apartment in the historic firehouse and $7000 cash for their budget.

Newshub spoke to Resene marketing manager Karen Warman, Città interior stylist Federica Contardi, and Adairs senior product manager – bedlinen, Bree Pollock about the style trends in this room.

Here are three key trends from the winning guest bedroom you can create in your own home.

1. Colour: Dive into deep dark colours

A deep green wall colour with coral and rust accessories gave the Penthouse apartment the winning edge, and are very much on-trend this season.

The message is clear don’t be afraid of being creative with a rich, moody colour palette, and mixing colours in a gradual way.

Karen says more decorators are choosing deep dark hues for rooms they want to relax in, such as bedrooms. 

"An easy way to dive into darker colour schemes is to opt for tone on tone decorating. Start with a favourite dark colour, then add progressively lighter versions of that colour for the duvet, linen and other room accessories," Karen says. "A move from pink to coral is also a key trend, achieved by bringing in the coral throw."

Federica has a simple formula for choosing a colour palette:

60%: natural colours – in this case the darker greens are a perfect base for the room.

30%: secondary colours of off-whites and neutral shades to tone down the overall look.

10%: accents which bring a warm touch like the coral elements found in the throws, flowers and mirror frame.

The Block NZ 2019
1. Golden Plains Storage Drum – Adairs 2. Paint in Resene White – Resene ColorShops 3. Bella Women's Dressing Gown in Olive – Città 4. Cross Hatch Woven Cushion Cover – Città 5. Torre Night Bottle – Città 6. Paint in Resene Kensington Grey – Resene ColorShops 7. Malmo Linen Throw in Lilac – Adairs 8. L:a Bruket Hand Cream in Grapefruit Leaf – Città 9. Paint in Resene Dark Slate – Resene ColorShops 10. Paint in Resene Double Ironsand – Resene ColorShops 11. Stonewashed Cotton Flat Sheet in Sage – Adairs 12. Belgian Vintage Washed Linen Cushion in Charcoal – Adairs 13. Atticus Quilted Bedlinen in Coal – Adairs.

2. Layering: Mix of textures, materials and shapes

Classy styling, layering and accessories set Sophia and Mikaere’s guest bedroom apart.

Contemporary artwork combined with floral inspiration give this room a distinctive flair, drawing the eye and creating a sense of luxury.

Bree says the pop of colour in the throw, as well as the amazing floral arrangement are great accessories.

"Keep your bed-linen looking relaxed by layering and mixing colours together. Not everything has to match. This helps give you the boutique hotel vibe this room has created so well," she says.

Federica agrees layering is an essential tool to achieve a beautifully styled look with a range of cushions and throws being added to create a luxurious feeling.

"Create visual interest on your bedside table by placing a selection of trinkets in odd numbers in different shapes, sizes and textures. The key is to ensure they’re visually linked through colour or a common theme," she says.

3. Clarity: Design a space with a clear vision of what the room will be used for

Sophia and Mikaere nailed the brief by creating the ultimate guest bedroom. Carefully considered styling and personal touches ensure guests feel at home.

Bree says keeping bed linen in spare rooms classically and simply styled allows your linen to be timeless, however you can update cushions, throws and artwork as often as you like to stay on trend.

According to Federica personal touches like a nice linen robe, liquid soap, hand cream, scented candle, room fragrance diffuser and towels are the perfect way to make your guests feel welcome.

When creating a guest room Karen thinks a key consideration is what kind of guests are likely to be staying. "If your guests are likely to be grandchildren or small children, you would decorate in a very different way to if you are expecting trend conscious adults."

"To cater to a wide range of tastes, guest bedrooms are often finished in green and blue hues – these tend to feel tranquil and relaxing - and appeal to both genders. If your guests range from young to old, consider having a change-out of duvet, linens and artworks you can use to easily adapt the room to suit your guests," she says.

The Block NZ 2019
The winning room had many stylish accessories like a floral arrangement and matching throw. Photo credit: The Block NZ on Three

While Sophia and Mikaere's winning guest bedroom captivated the judges, some incredibly cool style ideas and products from the other teams also caught our attention. Check out an image gallery from the other contestant’s guest bedrooms on the The Block NZ Fanzone.

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