Bride baffles guests with bizarre wedding invite

A bride-to-be has baffled guests with her bizarre, two-page typed wedding invitation, which instructs guests not to wear anything pink, notes the reception will be streamed online and outlines there will only be cookies served. 

An image of the lengthy invitation was shared to a popular wedding shaming Facebook group last week, where it racked up over 800 comments from confused members. 

It begins with the woman, assumedly from the US, apologising to friends for taking "so long" to send out the details. 

After a paragraph which reads more like a stream of consciousness, she notes the ceremony will be streamed in a Facebook Live "to be viewed during the service or any time after", and a post-wedding potluck will be held a week after.

"We'll have a Facebook event page we will invite everyone to so as to post everyone's intended dishes/beverages so we don't end up with 20 mac'n'cheese recipes," she rambles. 

Bride baffles guests with bizarre wedding invite
Photo credit: Facenook/ That's It I'm Wedding Shaming.

Then through a series of postscripts, things get really weird. 

"P.S my dress is a blush pin with rose gold detailing so please do not wear anything that is a champagne colour or pink of any kind," she orders. 

For food, the bride explains that her wedding reception will serve "four types of cookies" - ginger snap, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and peanut butter.

She then goes on to outline the two varieties of milk which will be available on the day 'for dunking', including an almond milk which 'will be unsweetened vanilla since cookies are sweet enough'.

"It is a small reception so not a lot of food. Please eat something before arriving," she requests. 

"We will have both cupcakes and regular cake for wedding cake. The main intention was easy portion for children but all are welcome."

That's a lot of sweet food. 

Before signing off the bizarrely detailed invitation, the bride tells potential attendees that they "can not stay for the reception" if they do not respond to the RSVP.

The bride even warns that any guests who turn up unannounced will be asked to leave.

Commenters on the post expressed their confusion at the bizarre list of details. 

"So what is happening and when It seems this could have been accomplished more clearly in six bulletpoints instead of this stream of consciousness mess," wrote one woman. 

"Feel like I deserve an invite to the wedding after taking all that time to read that letter," wrote another .

Another commented: "No guest needs to know how you found your venue or why you picked unsweetened almond milk". 

However others sympathised with the bride.

"Ahh bless her. I can tell she's a worrier. It's kind of sweet," wrote one groupmmber. 

"I actually found this whole thing kind of sweet. She was understanding that she took a while and people perhaps forgot. You can tell the poor thing is stressed and is the type who doesn't want to inconvenience everyone," sympathised another.