Couple's stouch over smorgasbord selection

A Napier couple were shocked when their quick lunch turned into an angry dispute over smorgasbord etiquette.

Amelia Harrison and her partner Brad Guilder decided to head to Rice Canteen in Marewa for a late lunch on Thursday.

"We were just going about our business," Harrison told Newshub on Friday.

"There was bugger all in the trays anyway 'cause it was after the lunch rush," she continued.

Her partner began to serve himself black bean stir-fry but was interrupted by the woman behind the counter.

"She took the spoon out of his hand and started to bang on the side of the tray and yelling that he couldn't just take the meat he had to take veggies  too," said Harrison.

Harrisons's partner Guilder attempted to explain to the woman that he couldn't have the broccoli due to a dental issue but he was taking other vegetables with his serving.

"I love veggies, I eat the onions, the beans and stuff because picking the meat out wouldn't be fair to the next customer," he told Newshub.

"But at the same time, I'm paying $15 for this!"

Guilder says he then walked out of the restaurant to calm down before returning to ask for a refund which the smorgasbord restaurant provided.

The owner of Rice Canteen said Guilder was only taking meat.

"Meat is expensive, but if you have meat and vegetables together it would work under that order. Meat just on its own comes with a different charge," Tina Lou told NZME.

The couple told Newshub they will not return to Rice Canteen after their experience.



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