Kiwis irritated over KFC's 'sneaky' added charge

A KFC customer has expressed their annoyance after they were confronted with a "sneaky" added charge to their order.

In a public post on Reddit, the customer says they were visiting a Dunedin KFC when they realised their order total didn't match up to what they had calculated in their head.

It was then the user realised a 10 cent charge had been added for the paper bag their order had been put in.

"Sure, 10 cents is trivial. But I didn't ask for it, wasn't warned about it, and didn't really need it," the person wrote.

"Pissed off really. More for the sneaky underhanded charging than the actual charge."

The poster declined to comment further when approached by Newshub.

At the time of writing, the Reddit post attracted more than 65 comments.

Commenters responded with concerns about the fried chicken giant's alleged lack of transparency.

"Charging for a paper bag is fine, not telling you that they will charge you for it and just adding the charge isn't."

Some users reported being asked if they want a bag, with the "implication" being it would cost.

"I get asked if I want a bag every time I go to KFC now. I think the implication is that you're going to get charged for it."

A spokesperson for KFC confirmed the paper bag charge had been implemented in its New Zealand restaurants since July 1.

"This new paper bag is a lot more expensive than the previous plastic bags. The small charge of 10 cents is a contribution towards the increased cost of paper bags, with KFC covering the remainder. We think this is fair."

KFC justified the cost of their bags on their website by comparing them to most supermarkets, who have charged 20 cents for paper bags since the country's single-use plastic bag ban was brought in by the Government in July.

Supermarkets swept their shops of plastic bags in 2018, but now any shop from your local dairy to your favourite takeaway shop must be a plastic bag free zone.

KFC says staff should always ask customers if they would like a bag for an additional cost of 10 cents, and were apologetic to the customer who appeared not to be given this option.

"Every KFC store should have a [sign] clearly displayed to support this communication at prominent positions; including drive-thru and till takers."

Can you bring your own bag to KFC?

KFC says due to food safety standards they don't allow any bags behind their counters that haven't arrived through their supply chain.

"Customers are welcome to bring their own bags and place packaged product into these bags once the product has been purchased."