Mark Richardson's top tip to save water

Mark Richardson has shared his top tip on reducing water usage as Aucklanders are urged to conserve water due to a shortage. 

On Monday, Watercare head of water value, Roseline Kelin, called on Aucklanders to be more efficient in how they used water due to a dam in Auckland falling to dire levels.

The AM Show's sport presenter shared his own personal experience with water usage on Wednesday and discussed how other Aucklanders can be more efficient. 

"You lose a lot of water through the toilet, flushing and the like. I did happen to go to the toilet this morning and I happen to have to flush twice, and I had to flush twice because I had done a floater," Richardson said.

"I think I can help Aucklanders. If you want to avoid having to flush twice, avoid eating things like beans, cabbage and fizzy drinks because apparently sugar and also foods that put a lot of gas into your you-know-what causes them to float."

While The AM Show news reader Amanda Gillies squirmed as Richardson recounted his experience at the loo, his advice does have some legitimacy.

American College of Nutrition nutrition specialist Cathy Wong wrote in March that floating stool is typically the result of excessive gas.

"If you eat something that causes gas (or eat a large meal), the gas mixes in with stool in the intestines. The extra air makes poop less dense, causing it to float when it hits the toilet bowl."

Some of the foods listed by Woo as producing gas include Brussels sprouts, beans, honey, soft drinks and apples.

So if you want to stop having to flush the toilet twice, now you know what foods to avoid.