ASOS ridiculed for $26 'chainmail mask'

ASOS chainmail mask
"Fire your designer," one person recommended. Photo credit: ASOS.

Online fashion retailer ASOS is copping serious flak yet again for one of their bizarre fashion statements, this time a flimsy, chainmail-esque face mask. 

"Festival season/flu season/dealing with close-talkers, meet your fave new year-round piece," the official ASOS Twitter account captioned an image of a male model wearing the mask.  

Retailing at NZ$26.75, the mask is 80 percent brass and 20 percent elastic. The site recommends you keep it away from liquids, which will make sweating and drinking an issue  - two things that often happen at festivals. 

Under "product details", the description boasts "it's already got your attention" - which is indeed true. 

The backlash on Twitter was swift and furious. 

"Sack the admin," wrote one person, while another recommended: "Fire your designer". 

One commenter took issue with the 'flu season' recommendation, pointing out: "This will categorically not prevent the transmission of influenza".

Those that were lost for words simply used gifs to express their emotions. 

It's not the first time the online retailer has been the subject of online mockery. Recently, we got to experience "poo-stained" tie-dye trousers, and last year the retailer sold $141 jeans with the crotch missing. 

Never change, ASOS.