Bride outraged after groom spends wedding fund on surgery for his German Shepherd

They say dog is man's best friend - but what about when he gets in the way of a wedding?

An engaged couple are on the verge of splitting after the groom-to-be dipped into wedding funds to afford life-saving surgery for his German Sheperd.

Turning to popular sub-Reddit forum 'Relationship Advice' for help, user 'Unsurebigbig' started the post by explaining there was a large tumour on the skin of his German Shepard a few months ago.

"It was confirmed to be malignant and required surgery to remove completely. The vet I spoke to said it would likely cost over $5000 to remove it completely with no guarantee of success," the groom wrote. 

"My dog is my dog and there is no question in my mind that paying for the surgery was the right thing to do."

Bride outraged after groom spends wedding fund on surgery for his German Shepherd

Lesson number one - always get pet insurance people. 

Instead, the man used his personal savings to pay for the operation, separate from his fiancée's savings. 

But when she found out, she did not react well. 

"When she found out how much the surgery cost, she went ballistic that I paid for the surgery without asking her when we're planning a wedding," the groom revealed. 

"She says that she will have to downsize her wedding to compensate and that my dog is already so old (10) the money 'wouldn't go far' - I can't even comprehend how she could say that to me."


The disagreement has caused a "massive rift in a previously amazing relationship". 

"I refuse to put a few thousand dollars over [the dog's] wellbeing. My fiancee is acting as though I'm being selfish and that our wedding should come first, since we're starting a family.

"She hasn't talked to me since other than to tell me to take out the garbage, clean the dishes, etc.

"If I try to engage conversation she will shut down or walk away. She refuses to talk this over unless I get on my knees, grovel and apologise. I can't bring myself to do this as a matter of principle and self respect."

As per usual, the internet was divided on the issue, with many thinking the man did the right thing, and others saying he should have consulted with his partner. 

"Didn't you talk about your finances before? Maybe that's a bit European, but we wouldn't even think about 'yours' or 'mine'. And absolutely not for a dog," wrote one anti-animal-lover. 

"This is not about the dog but about things that are very important to him and insignificant to her. This is a big red flag," warned one commenter. 

"If you combine your finances after the wedding, how will she react if you have to spend more money on your dog (either this dog or a future dog)?" pointed out another.