Is New Zealand shoes on or shoes off inside homes? Viral map sparks debate

One male foot in slippers, other in sock with hole
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Is New Zealand shoes on or shoes off inside homes?

A viral map is sparking intense debate after being reposted to Twitter. According to the map, New Zealand - along with Australia, the US and the UK - has a tradition of not removing shoes inside houses.

However several people have commented that this is not accurate.

"The average Australian (and New Zealander) often doesn't wear shoes in the first place," one person commented.

"True. Also in NZ my experience is that people remove them," someone replied.

According to traditional Māori customs, shoes should be taken off before entering a wharenui (meeting house). And seems to have transferred over to general practise.

"It's a filthy habit, wearing shoes indoors," one person told Newshub. "You go outside and walk through all this mud and stuff then track this through your home."

But others vehemently disagree.

"Keep bare feet for the beach." 


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