Brother plays hilarious 'first look' wedding prank on groom

brother in wedding dress surprising groom
The hilarious moment has since gone viral on social media. Photo credit: Raph Nogal Photography.

With all the stress planning a wedding, it's good to have a little fun on the day - especially if there's a photographer to catch it. 

One Canadian bride and her future brother-in-law concocted a hilarious plan to prank the groom, resulting in what are surely some of the best 'first look' photos every taken. 

The first look, a signature part in many weddings, is when the groom is photographed seeing his bride in her glitzy dress for the first time. While it deviates from the time-honoured 'come down the aisle' tradition, it does mean that you and your bridal party don't have to sneak off for photos after the ceremony. 

When Toronto groom Tyler turned expecting to see his bride Robyn in her wedding dress, confusion immediately turned to delight as his brother Ryan walked to him, beaming, in a white corseted wedding dress and a tiara. 

brother in wedding dress surprising groom
Photographer Raph Nogal was there to capture the hilarious moment. Photo credit: Raph Nogal Photography.

Photographer Raph Nogal caught the hilarious moment Tyler opened his eyes and burst into laughter as he recognised his brother in the outfit. The photos then quickly went viral on Reddit and Imgur.

Nogal told Metro UK he was in on the joke. 

"The groom was anticipating seeing his bride prior to their ceremony. The reveal was to take place in their family home in the backyard. 

"I positioned the groom to face away from the house and held him there for several minutes... building even more anticipation... The groom's reaction was priceless."

And don't worry wedding purists - the bride followed for the 'real reveal' several minutes later. 

The 'real' reveal.
The 'real' reveal. Photo credit: Raph Nogal Photography.