'Ridiculous' New York Airbnb closet goes viral on social media

Brooklyn Airbnb closet room
The guest has described the "closet" as "ridiculous" and "dirty". Photo credit: Twitter/_zoe93

An Airbnb room has gone viral after a traveller shared pictures of the "dirty" and "ridiculous" closet-sized space in a shared house in Brooklyn, New York.

Zoe, from London, shared footage on social media of the single mattress wedged between three walls on a dirty floor with unwashed linen. 

The video has since been viewed over 1.9 million times, attracting mixed reviews from social media users. Some were appalled by the space, while others said it would make do for an unfussy traveller.

Some questioned if Zoe had even looked at the photos before booking the Airbnb.

"Yes I looked at the pics, yes I was expecting a tiny room/closet," she clarified on Twitter.

"But I just think it looks even more ridiculous in person (and a bit dirty). It's all good though."

Despite it being a tight squeeze with dirty linen, Zoe seemed more concerned that the space was void of power sockets. 

"Guys it doesn't have a power socket," she tweeted to amused followers.

"It's genuinely fine for me minus the dirty sheets and lack of plug socket (and they could have cleaned it a bit better)."

She appeared to be staying reasonably positive about the cramped quarters, saying she would use a sleeping bag liner instead of the unwashed sheets.

The closet, listed on Airbnb as an "economy Brooklyn space for your NYC adventure, is advertised with three photos showing a tiny shelf and single coat hanger, the single mattress and a small caged window.

Zoe said on Twitter she is paying £30 (NZ$68) per night for the space, where she is staying from August 29 to September 5.

"Harry Potter's joint under the stairs was bigger than this," one Twitter user commented.

"Might as well get arrested and stay in a jail cell because even that's got more room than this," wrote another.

A New Yorker took a more positive spin, saying that amount of room was "admirable" by Brooklyn standards.

The woman later clarified she had spoken to the host, who claims he usually cleans the space himself but had been out of town - and no one else had bothered to tidy up.

Despite the amusement on social media, the room and its "self-inflated camping pad with another camping pad underneath" holds a 4.3 out of five-star rating from Airbnb reviewers.

A recent occupant was not so chuffed with the "yoga mat on the floor of a closet", leaving a scathing review on Airbnb.

The host replied saying "most people find it quite comfortable" and apologised for the reviewer "being pregnant" and having a "difficult experience" booking the space.

On Saturday, Zoe told her followers that she had stayed on an acquaintance's couch for the night.