UK student, 14, removed from classes because she doesn't fit her school uniform skirt

A UK teen who is unable to fit her school uniform has been made to sit in isolation or stay at home instead of wearing another skirt option.

Kada Jones, 14, returned to Portchester Community School in Fareham after the summer holidays to start her first term in Year 10. She turned up to school in a non-regulation grey skirt, as the school's range of standard uniform skirts does not cater for sizes 24 to 26.

Kada has since been removed from classes due to her non-uniform skirt

She says the school has told her that she will be forced to study in isolation or stay at home if she continues to wear the wrong skirt, the Daily Mail reports.

The 14-year-old claims she wore the same non-regulation skirt last year without issue.

The Daily Mail reports that Kada attended two of her morning lessons on Wednesday out of defiance, but was eventually removed from the classroom. 

"I've been crying for the past five days," the teen told local media.

"I've done nothing wrong... people get put in isolation because they have done something wrong. They've been treating me like I'm not even a human being.

"All I want to do is go to school."

Kada's mother, 54-year-old Carleen Jones, has said her daughter is medically healthy and is furious over the school's decision to change their mind on her daughter's skirt.

"This skirt is similar to the school ones... if she was dressed like a punk rocker or something I would understand," Jones told local media.

Portchester Community School's headteacher, Richard Carlyle, has insisted that all pupils must follow the same rules, such as wearing a uniform that is the "appropriate" length and material.

Carlyle says the school is working to find a uniform for Kada that is "compliant".

"Pupils have a duty to wear the uniform respectfully and with dignity," he said in a statement to local media.