Auckland bartender reveals worst dates he's ever seen

We've all acted in bars in ways we're not so proud of, whether that is getting too drunk on a date (guilty), getting too drunk with friends (also guilty) or ditching without paying (absolutely NOT guilty, shame on you.)

But while you think the cover of darkness and one too many rosés might be hiding your bad behaviour, it turns out there are some people who are seeing it all. 

On this week's episode of Newshub podcast The Snack, hosts Mon and Sez spoke to Auckland bartender Mikey Ball, who has seen it all in his years working in bars across London and Auckland. 

He spilled on some of the worst behaviours he's seen. 

"In the bar I worked in London we had what I called a serial dater, we had a guy who would always request a window table, and he would always sit there and order a bottle of prosecco in a bucket, and two glasses and wait for his date," Ball revealed. 

"It was what he deemed potentially romantic, but we all judged it by how long it lasted and how much of the bottle of prosecco they finished," he added. 

When asked for the success rate, Ball didn't have great news. 

"They usually finished the first bottle and then rolled out."

Ball advises that if you're choosing a space for a first date, make it somewhere you're comfortable and can chat to the bartender just in case things go whiskey sour (sorry). 

"One of the things we have is people coming to sit up at the bar, and if the date's going badly, the guy or the girl end up talking to us at the bar, and we'd end up being the person that they chat to," he revealed. 

"Then when they go to the bathroom, usually the other person settles up the bill and they get out of there." 

That's right - a mid-date ditch. 

"It happened a lot," Ball revealed, before hurriedly adding "but we don't sympathise with it!" 

Sure sure Mikey. 

You can find out more of his secrets from behind the bar, including which drinks are best to order on that first date, on this week's episode of The Snack.

The Snack spoke to Mikey as part of the East Imperial Gin Jubilee, which runs at various bars and restaurants around Auckland until November 9. You can find out more about the jubilee and book your spot on the official website