Big Ben investigating pies found with clumps of hair in them

Big Ben is investigating how chunks of hair managed to make its way into a packet of pies sold at an Auckland supermarket.

Darwin resident Kimi Ford bought the pies at Pak'n'Save Mangere last Friday before taking them home to Australia.

He told Newshub he was met with a vomit-inducing sight when tucking into the first one and found a piece of meat with long black hairs attached to it.

A pie with a chunk of meat that has long black hair on it.
The pie. Photo credit: Facebook/Maria Ford

"Looks like human hair but I can't tell, make me sick and I almost vomited," Ford said.

A representative for George Weston Foods, which owns Big Ben Pies, said the company was aware of the issue after seeing a photo of the pies on Facebook.

"We have a very well-controlled baking operation and have very tight specifications for our meat suppliers. 

"It’s really important to us to trace the product back and find out what happened, where and how."

Ford said representatives from Big Ben got in touch and it has been passed over to them to establish what exactly is on the meat.