Truck spills load of pies in south Auckland's Manukau

Police are dealing with a "pie-tastrophe" in the south Auckland suburb of Manukau after a truck spilled its load of pies across the road.

Emergency services were called to the pie-le up on the corner of Davies Avenue and Manukau Station Road at around 9am on Tuesday. When they arrived, they were greeted by the bizarre sight.

As the truck rounded the corner the side door opened, scattering the pallets inside and blocking one lane. Thousands of innocent Big Ben pies fell victim to the disaster.

"If you can get to Manukau Bus Station asap free pies. Truck's door opened as he was turning the corner. Driver giving them away," one person posted to the Manurewa Spread the News Facebook group.

Fortunately, police were quick to respond to the scene.

"Don't worry team, staff are on the scene ensuring the safety of all pies caught up in the great pie spillage of Manukau," police posted to Facebook.


Witnesses say the pies were later being guarded by security staff in hi-vis vests.

Police expect the road will be cleared later on Tuesday morning.